Imprinted Cooler Bags Are Perfect For Summertime Fun

When spring is in the air, the reality that we have spent most of the last three or four months indoors starts to really hit home. Everyone wants to get out to the local beach or park and enjoy him or herself and the weather before winter shows its ugly head again. Imprinted bags are the perfect companion for this time of the year.

Imprinted bags serve two purposes: they hold your goodies and spread the word about your business or cause. Coming in a variety of sizes, they offer the convenience of holding a few refreshments during a quick visit to the beach, or can be found in sizes large enough to feed the entire family during an all day visit to a water or amusement park.

The six-pack cooler sells for less than $7 and is the idea item for a single person or couple to bring with them to the beach or pool. It holds six cans and has enough room in the side packs to hold some munchies. When taking a quick trip, this is the exact refreshment bag that should be on your shoulder.
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One step up from the six pack cooler, but still in the same price range, is the 12 pack insulated bag. If something more than just a few drinks are needed for the day, this will more than do the job. The bag holds up to 12 beverages, but for two people, it would be ideal to hold a six pack of beverages and a few sandwiches and munchies for the day. It is another lightweight bag that can be easily thrown over the shoulder and carried around all day.

Tailgating events usually require people to bring more than something for just themselves. Let someone else handle the cooking and you can use a 30 can roller cooler to hold enough beverages for everyone before the big game or concert. There are even pouches on the side to put additional bottles or some snacks.

When the whole family is looking for refreshments for the day, it might be time to break out the 50 can super deluxe insulated cooler bag. This is the Cadillac of imprinted bags and offers enough space to hold several meals and beverages for the entire day. The cooler bag has a sturdy handle, rolling wheels, and side pockets that can hold extras, such as a cell phone and keys. When this cooler bag is used, nothing will be left behind.

Arriving at the local event with one of these imprinted cooler bags ensures that you will have enough refreshments for the day and that people will see your business name. By upgrading the cooler with custom imprinted bag options, your business logo or charitable organization can be displaying prominently, causing everyone to take note. Even if it causes them to investigate the business out of mere curiosity, its purpose has been served and more people are made aware of your business. After all, isn’t that the purpose of customized merchandise?

Upper East Side Apartment Rentals

For many renters, life doesn’t get any better than calling the Upper East Side your home. And local residents know how to live it right. With some of the city’s finest boutiques at your disposal, apartment rentals in this neighborhood will redefine your sense of luxury. Regal prewar buildings are nestled side by side with slick modern apartment rentals that stretch into the skyline.

From the subdued dignity of the Upper East Side’s historic brownstones to Park Avenue’s classic apartment buildings, this area has truly earned its reputation as the blue blood neighborhood of Manhattan. Rentals in the region are abundant and cater to just as many sensibilities, ensuring you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in a rental apartment. Discover the city from a new vantage point when you ride down Park Avenue towards Grand Central Station in all its stately glory. Indeed, the vast and impressive scale of your surroundings makes the Upper East Side a truly majestic neighborhood.

Upper East Side apartment rentals are known for their attention to exquisite details from crown molding lining the ceilings to arched porticos gracing the doorways. The quiet touches of extravagance lend these rentals an air of distinction and grandeur. Furthering the cause, the Upper East Side’s blocks are steeped in history stretching as far back as the inception of the city itself. Many areas in the neighborhood enjoy landmark designation on the National Register of Historic Places. Just step outside your door to discover the untold stories that accompany every block that lines the East River and indulge your senses in spas, salons and shops along the avenues.
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Views along the water are spectacular and boast a winding promenade, stately Gracie mansion and lush parks. Local residents have the benefit of cool breezes off the waterfront while enjoying access to multiple transportation options. In fact, for jaunts to Westchester and beyond, there’s nothing more convenient than Upper East Side apartment rentals. A mere subway stop from the Metro North light rail station, this neighborhood enjoys unfettered access to the city’s best offerings.

Bursting with cafes and classic eateries, the neighborhood boasts an array of culinary options from creative American to classic Italian. As an extremely pet-friendly area of Manhattan, the Upper East Side affords renters the chance to constantly enjoy the city’s ample green space. In fact, the proximity of Central Park is a huge draw for many apartment renters. Lined by the Guggenheim and Cooper Hewitt Museums, this urban oasis has become a mecca for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts alike.

Rental apartments here let you jog around the breathtaking reservoir or stroll through the many wooded areas for which Central Park is so famous. With so many apartment rental options to choose from, you can’t go wrong with Upper East Side luxury apartments. Experience the beauty and majesty that is Manhattan’s crowning jewel along the East River and you’ll understand why so many apartment renters choose to call Manhattan’s Upper East Side home.

SBA Workout – Will the SBA let me sell my business?

Once you’ve come to terms with the fact that your business is no longer viable, it’s always prudent to formulate an exit strategy. With so much money at stake, this is certainly no time to “wing it”. One of the initial steps down the path towards an Offer In Compromise is to liquidate the business, which can include a sale of the assets, or a sale of the business as a “going concern”. In this article, we will explore the types of sales that this workout expert would consider legitimate, and types that I’d consider to be ethically and legally questionable.

Here is the key to a legitimate transaction: Whether it be the sale of equipment, or the sale of the business as a whole, the SBA and your lender are only interested in “ARMS LENGTH” transactions. An arms length transaction can be defined as one where the buyer and seller are independent and act in their own best interest.

So what is an example of an arms length transaction?
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Let’s say your business is struggling so you list your it for sale. You get lucky and find an interested buyer. You’ve never met the buyer before, and you are both negotiating in good faith. You are trying to get the most money you can, and he’s trying to pay the least. He will take over the business, and you will have no involvement with the business once the sale is completed. In short, this is straight forward sale in which both parties have no ulterior motives. To most banks, this transaction would be considered an arms length transaction.

So what would NOT be considered arms length?

– Sale of the business/business assets to a friend, family member, or business associate. Since you have a relationship with these parties, it would be questionable whether both parties are acting solely in their own best interest. If you make a sale with the intention of buying or leasing the business back at a later date (and do so in order to submit an Offer In Compromise), then you are running the risk of being accused of fraud if your scheme is uncovered.

– Creating a new company, and selling the business/business assets to that entity while representing that the new company is an unrelated party. This is clearly fraudulent.

– Selling the business/business assets to an entity (C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, partnership) owned by a friend, family member, business associate, or anyone else for the sole purpose of submitting an OIC, with the intent to buy the business back at a later date.

Overall, if you think you’ve found an loophole by trying any of the situations that I’ve described as NOT arms length, let this be a warning to you that these are not loopholes. They are thinly veiled attempts to defraud your lender and the SBA.

Why Are Cable Displays So Versatile

Cable displays, also known as wire displays, are the backbone of most of the high street’s window displays. This form of display is an old favourite for Estate and Recruitment agents’ windows because of the modern look and efficient method for displaying multiple details.

Cables are available in a range of different thicknesses, the most popular being 1.5mm and 3mm. These cables, although they look thin, are actually very strong! The 1.5mm cables are extremely strong for their thickness and will hold weight up to 120kg whereas the 3mm cable will hold up to 200kg. Of course the cables will only be able to hold this sort of weight if the surface that they are fitted to is tough enough. For example cables fitted into plaster board will not hold as much weight as cables fitted into brick. (If you are looking for something even stronger then why not try 3mm or 6mm rods?)

Cables can be mounted using floor to ceiling or wall to wall fittings. It is even possible to mix these fittings to suit. They can also be fitted into tracks which allow the display to be changed more easily. The cables are then tightened to create tension which holds them straight and provides the strength.

Cables can be fitted with an enormous variety of different display equipment including acrylic pockets, acrylic cubes and lighting. Due to their versatility they are ideal to use for creating any type of window or interior display. Acrylic pockets are available in a range of sizes, and some suppliers offer a made to measure service. Acrylic cubes and shelving systems can be easily suspended between cables to create a modern and stylish looking display. Cables are excellent to suspend display equipment from as they are very strong. They can be adapted to hold banners in place, allowing them to be suspended from the ceiling, which creates a visually impressive display.

Cable displays are suitable for use in most office and retail spaces. These include:-

Estate and letting agents
Doctor surgeries

And are absolutely perfect for window displays. They have become a favourite with estate agents due to their modern look and their ease of use. They are also an alternative for poster displays. Cable displays are reliable and easy to update, which is why they have become such a popular display option.

When choosing your cable display ensure the area from which you intend to fix it is strong enough to hold the weight of your display. Many suppliers offer easy to order kits that include everything you will need to create your display including shelving system, poster displays and acrylic cubes displays. If you are in any doubt or need advice, your supplier will be pleased to help you.

CRM Data Is Turnkey Solution to Monetize Business Using BI

CRM played a crucial role in an era, where maintaining customer relationships was key to business success. Businesses increasingly using CRM to improve their sales channel have accumulated data over time. However, in current scenario, unpredictable business trends and drastic changes continually keeps businesses on the edge. While Data warehousing has been around the corner for a long while, it has led way to business intelligence which functions to mine data and use it efficiently for analysis purpose. Many of us have heard how leading outlets have used such methods to increase revenues and have a competitive edge in the industry. In summary, BI is getting votes from customers, taking into consideration the ever-changing market trends.

CRM was the need of the hour when businesses realized that relationship with customers was essential for success. Corporates collected customer’s data to provide better service, began to heap upon huge pile of data. With CRM, effective marketing and sales campaigns can be carried out to meet customer’s need most precisely. However, the current business scenario is a changing landscape with new products continually evolving. This unpredictable climate prevailing in today’s market serves to be a challenge for most businesses.

Business Intelligence fits the bill like no other technology in current market trends. Partly, the reason being BI analytics software is able to provide exceptional insights into a business that leads to easy revenue that is marked with foresight. BI is able to do this, as the innate characteristic of BI is to capitalize on huge pile of business data. In our discussion, the huge volume of CRM data accumulated in the system could be monetized with the use of Business Intelligence. For many executives, Business intelligence solutions clearly serves to be the route to success.

Business Intelligence software designed and developed for a business user, is pivotally business centric in its approach. Business Intelligence tool are designed with ease of use for this main reason. As a business user, the BI software allows to analyze your business in a myriad ways. Say, by analysis, one can figure out which accounts are doing well, and have a closer examination of accounts that need to scale up. Answergen BI is a simple self-service BI tool that offers holistic view of your business in a dashboard with visuals to interpret information easily, and contribute to business revenue.

Whatever you need is in your own backyard; likewise utilizing your CRM data to monetize your business using BI makes sense.

The Benefits of a Good Office Chair

The Benefits of a Good Office Chair

The Visual Effects of Top Quality Office Furniture

All too often visitors and prospective clients glance around an office suite and their first impression of the company is influenced by office furnishings. This is true of office chairs. There are a number of benefits of a good office chair in addition to visual appeal. If employees are provided with comfortable, good quality office chairs, productivity levels increase. A good ergonomic office chair reduces chronic back, hip and leg strain associated with being seated for long periods of time. This naturally helps employees work more efficiently and productively. Another benefit is reduction in healthcare expenses related to poor posture from unsuitable office chairs.

Create A Professional Image
In addition to projecting a stylish impression among potential clients or visitors, employees find fashionable, professional chairs create an appealing work environment which increases workflow and morale. Keeping employees relatively comfortable while they perform the duties of their jobs is essential for health and safety. Top quality construction of office chairs insures ergonomic balance that can accommodate variable weight loads and are devoid of sharp parts.
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Select The Best Office Chair
Office chairs are sold with various types of seating materials like poly vinyl mesh, vinyl, leather or polyester fabrics. However, there are “green” fabrics available, made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles dyed with an eco-friendly solution. Before purchasing, note the recycled content to judge the most eco-friendly models.

Size Matters
If all employees were the same height and weight size, buying an office chair would be simple. Fortunately, most good office chairs are built with this in mind. The same is true for office chairs provided for visitors and clients. There are slight differences in the widths of chair seats, backs and seat height ranges. Adjustable chairs are eessential not just a nice to have.

A Chair For Every Office Need
Certain employees prefer chairs with arm rests, moderate height backs and adjustable seats. Fabrics for employee chairs depend on office climate. For guest and client chairs for the lobby area, choose comfortable chairs that lend a more positive view of the company. Consider the mobility factor when chairs are in use and size of the desk area surrounding it. Executive chairs most always require a larger area than a task chair or stool for a receptionist. Office chairs with a swivel or tilt are another consideration. Take note of the foot zones at the base of the office chair.

The Recommended Office Chair
For a top of the line ergonomic office chair, consider the Herman Miller Aeron chair. Built from top quality materials, the Herman Miller Aeron chair offers the beauty of stylish office furnishings as well as durability and long wear.

The Significance of Telephone Systems for Your Business

Businesses require lots of communication between employees, clients, management and other people involved. In fact a business which does not use the latest means of communication can lose lots of market and number of clients. This is why every size of business emphasizes on an effective and efficient business telephone systems. Whether it is business transactions or conference calls between employees and clients, an efficient business telephone system has huge advantages for a successful business.

In the current age of technology, people are using all kinds of communication means. Internet, email and smart phones are quickly becoming the top choice for those professionals who are looking for fast communique between the people involved. But all these latest gadgets and means have just made it important to have a reliable business telephone systems for their workplace. This type of system can act as the primary and backup communication system for the entire workplace. You can always see that every business has their phone number listed. These are numbers where customers and clients call. No business has ever listed a mobile phone number in yellow pages or business directories.

All landlines and office telephone systems are basically a wide network where a central hub connects the different departments and offices to the reception or the operator. Whenever clients call the business number, they connect to the operator who can direct them to their desired department. This is an economical way of connecting your business departments to all your clients at once. No need to get separate numbers for every department when only one office telephone system can fulfill the requirement of the entire workplace.
Technology has made it very easier to communicate with your business partners and other people involved. There is no need for everyone at the office to be present in the same room for an important meeting. All of the employees can be present in their respective department and the management can communicate with them live and get the feedback. Usually people think that emails can do this better, but emails are a bit confidential and you don’t get the feedback immediately. While addressing the entire workforce on an office telephone system, the higher management can easily get the feedback from all departments and make the necessary changes to the organization for improved efficiency. It is also easier to disseminate information with just one push of the button. No need to type the office memo and send it to the entire office when you can just call them all at once and send the information.

Addressing a clients requirement and feedback at the earliest is the top concern of every business. It is very important that your business is equipped with the latest office telephone systems so that every single client gets his or her query answered. Many people like immediate reply for their questions and this is only possible when they are online with the concerned department. Anything less than an effective communication system can set you back in achieving your organizational goals.

Why Do So Many Couples in Business Never Make Any Money

You may be thinking about starting a business with your spouse and are wondering why do so many couples in business never make any real money? Yet, some couples work together and become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams. If you’re not going to make any real money then why would you go into business in the first place?

There are some unrealistic assumptions that many couples make about running a business as a couple. These assumptions can be anything from looking for a fast way to get rich, which by the way doesn’t usually happen, to my spouse can do the hard things in our business and I will be the supportive spouse. This is why some couple never make any real money.

Couples also like to believe that they can get rich by using the €fly by the seat of my pants€ method. Rarely does this assumption actually create a thriving business. Running a business with your spouse and becoming successful together, takes planning, communication skills, leadership, and consistence over time.

Many couples who are running a business together make the common mistake of starting a business because they know the task involved. They start a business in an industry they have worked as an employee in for years and think just because they know the task of a job, they know how to run a business.

This is what is known as the €E€ Myth. Just because you know how to repair a diesel motor or prepare a brief doesn’t mean you know how to run a business. Instead, what you know how to do is the task that your job required of you in turn for your wage.

If you don’t know how to run a business well, you will never make any real money. So, this is one of the biggest reasons why so many couples in business never make any real money. In the same way you understand the tasks involved in creating your brief or repairing that motor, you must also understand the tasks of being a business owner.

Most couples who start a business are only interested in finding customers who need the task completed, and getting paid to do the task. These couples usually have a self-employment type business and are still living paycheck to paycheck not making any real money.

However, when you both know how to run the business and do the tasks that make you money, you will achieve success together.

Did you know that 98% of couples who go into business together will destroy their marriage and ruin their business? But it doesn’t have to be this way for you. Instead why not join the over 8 million other couple entrepreneurs who enjoy the freedom and wealth lifestyle of couple entrepreneurship. The couple Entrepreneurs Leadership Alliance has a FREE Special Report that will help you decide if owning a business with your spouse is right for you.